Your questions on climate controlled storage answered

Here are some typical storage related questions we get asked. If you can’t find the answer here then we can help you over the phone, web or in person so just call, contact us or pop in.

  • Are my items insured when they are stored?

    Yes. We highly recommend storage insurance to all our customers. We’ll be happy to arrange for insurance coverage for you or if you have your own insurance coverage simply provide us a copy of your insurance plan.

  • How do I contact you if I need to?

    Our friendly team is always on hand if you need help with collections, deliveries, need any advice or just have any questions that you would like to discuss. Simply call us on 0800 027 2668 or use our handy contact form.

  • Can you manage my storage for me?

    Yes, our experts will manage all aspects of your storage including transport, packaging, storage and inventory services as you require.

  • Is there a minimum storage period?

    No minimum but we do operate a monthly billing cycle so you will be billed for a minimum of a month’s storage.

  • What can’t I store in my room?

    You can store virtually anything except:

    –  Living materials such as animals and plants
    –  Hazardous items such as flammable liquids or explosives
    –  Items that can decompose such as food
    –  Unauthorised or illegal goods such as firearms

    NB Customs and police have statutory rights enabling them to visit your room.

  • How secure is your warehouse?

    Our warehouse has 24 hour monitoring, fire alarms and smoke detectors. Your items could not be under safer care. We can also offer specialist climate controlled storage for items such as wine that require extra precaution when they are stored.

  • How accurate is your climate control?

    Our climate controlled system is accurate to 1 degree Celsius.