Couture Storage

Couture Storage

Managed storage for your couture collection

Why choose Cube's climate controlled storage for your couture collection?

The best storage environment for textiles is clean, dark, cool, and moderately dry, with a constant temperature and relative humidity. So regardless of whether your collection consists of haute couture, furs, vintage collections, delicate fabrics or something of sentimental value you must preserve, Cube Self Storage’s climate controlled storage is the right choice for you.

Our climate controlled storage facilities filter air at atmospheric pressure, maintaining vital air integrity, and continuously and precisely monitor temperature and humidity levels. For security and protection we have smoke detection throughout our facility, in addition to 24hr digital CCTV both outside and inside all areas of the building and Redcare response intruder alert systems with individual alarms set on each storage unit. There are regular staff patrols around the property and our reception is monitored at all times during our opening hours. We can also arrange insurance for your added peace of mind.

Haute couture / wardrobe storage is popular for:

Private collectors
It makes perfect sense to preserve your garments for when you wear them again and especially so for those special pieces which may have sentimental value. Whether it’s the family vintage dress collection or the latest range from this season’s up and coming fashion designer, you can trust Cube Self Storage to take good care of it in our optimised climate control storage.

High fashion storage for boutiques
For many boutiques, the balance of stock space and shop space can be difficult to manage. Add to that the factor that the higher the quality of the garments, the more space and care that are needed to store them properly. We are happy to help make your business easier by helping with not just your storage needs but also the collection and delivery of your stock.

Fashion designers
Fashion designers need to balance their design studio space with storing both their collections and the materials required for their creations. We make it easy to leave the mundane storage problems to us so that you can focus your creativity on your next design. From the fabrics for your new collection to the accessories for your next show, we have the space and the optimised storage environment to meet your unique needs. Our facilities are secure and our staff understand very well that confidentiality is just as important to you as the appropriate storage space.

Auction houses
Auction houses need secure and reliable storage facilities that they can depend upon, flexibility in terms of the length of storage as well as professional packing and transportation services. Cube Self Storage meets all of these requirements and more through our extensive and diverse experience when it comes to storage, packing and transportation of items. With our climate controlled storage and professional value-added services, you know that you are getting a total solution.