Fine Art Storage

Fine Art Storage

Specialist care for your art investments

Fine art storage is our specialist storage offering that deals exclusively with art storage and transportation. Our expert team has many years of experience in handling art of all descriptions - from private collections and gallery exhibitions to fine art auctions - and we utilise this expertise to create bespoke solutions as unique as the items that we handle, which include:

  • Paintings
  • Antique furniture
  • Candelabras and chandeliers
  • Porcelain and pottery
  • Crystals
  • Mirrors
  • Mouldings
  • Bulky or heavy statues and sculptures
  • Museum exhibits
  • Archaeological artefacts

Storage Services

To effectively store fine art you require a blend of specialist expertise and an optimised and safe storage environment. Our fine art services team will work with you to ensure that your storage solution protects the integrity of your art pieces without limiting your ability to enjoy them whenever you choose to do so.

Our stand alone gated storage facility is designed to fulfil your high expectations. Entry to the facility is restricted by secure access codes. The intruder response alarm is certified by Redcare with individual alarms set on each storage unit which alert staff to unauthorised entry. We are fully committed to providing the highest levels of security to protect your art pieces and so our service includes:

  • Creating detailed inventories of the items that you wish to store
  • Verifying the integrity of your chosen items before they are prepared for packing
  • Building bespoke cases to transport your items
  • Transporting your chosen items to our secure climate controlled storage facility
  • Setting up your items in the storage unit
  • Securing your storage unit
  • Routine monitoring
  • Viewing and inspection upon arrangement
  • Return transport as needed

Packing, Crating and Transportation

Our fine art services also include the packing, crating and transportation of many antique pieces of furniture and paintings for some of the most well known auction houses in London to worldwide destinations. All items are professionally packed and unpacked by our elite fine art packing team. A full site survey and inventory are completed by our representative to confirm exact requirements and specialist materials required for transportation.