Cube Self Storage is here to help you adjust to life post-lockdown.

As the economy slowly ignites, businesses are starting to re-open and return to (their new) normal. For many, moving plans were put on hold during lockdown but can now continue as planned. There are so many ways in which self storage can be of help to ease transitions, and support your post-lockdown move.


  1. Property sales are picking up

Moving home at any given time can be a stressful period and even more so, during trying times. Many have since faced delays on their planned moves during the lockdown but now with lockdown restrictions easing, it’s time to get back on track and start moving. Self storage is a great solution for the stages when you’re in between moving into your new home or selling your home. Just store your furniture with us at Cube Self Storage and retrieve them when you’re ready. This gives you breathing room to slowly decorate your home and avoid cluttering up your new home with piles of boxes.


  1. Storing surplus seasonal stock

During lockdown, many businesses and retailers had to close, putting a shocking halt on sales and stock movement. With stores reopening and more goods coming in, businesses will need a place to store their goods. Get the extra space you need with a Cube Business Storage unit!

For retail items sensitive to heat, cold, dust, mould or humidity our Cube Climate Controlled Storage units will help to maintain temperature requirements along with humidity levels, effectively preventing premature aging and heat-related malfunctions ideal for storage of delicate fabrics, leather items, musical instruments, artworks electronic devices and cosmetic products.

It’s also the perfect place to store important supplies in bulk such as; hand sanitisers, PPE and additional cleaning products to combat Covid-19!

  1. Making Space for Social Distancing in the office

A Cube Business Storage unit can help you plan the best and effective use of office space. Rearrange office furniture and the office layout to ensure a safe distance between employees and store the excess furniture with us ,eliminating any chance of your employees accidentally bumping into one another.

We offer both long-term and short-term storage options with the best storage rental rates to help you save on storage costs.

Special measures have been implemented to ensure the health and safety of all  our customers and to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Our specialists teams are trained and equipped to help keep you safe.

Speak to our friendly storage specialists today!