Every season comes with a different sport for you to enjoy. If you are a huge sports fan like us , you will understand the need for your sports equipment to be well maintained and in perfect condition as and when you need it . Different sport kits and clothes can become difficult to organise and could take over much needed space in your home. Whether you’ve finished putting on your skis or hanging up your football boots, we understand that you need somewhere to store your gear. That’s why, we’ve come up with 3 easy tips to help you store your gear the smart way.

Designate an area

Choose an area of your home to store all of your sports equipment, a closet would be great or that empty space below the stairs. Be sure to give them a good cleaning before storing and place a dehumidifier to absorb moisture to prevent mould and remove musty odours.

Sort out your equipment

Stay organised by using plastic containers to sort out your sports gear – making then accessible and easy to find. Laundry baskets are also a great option for storing items like ; balls, shoes and helmets!

Use Cube Self Storage

We understand that there is only so much space in your home. At Cube Self Storage we have the perfect solution for you! With our wide selection of storage unit sizes, you have the choice to store as much sporting equipment as you want and need – no matter the time of year… and with full access to it whenever you need.

So, what’s stopping you?

Store your sports gear with Cube Self Storage today and enjoy a neat, tidy and comfortable home.