Store your wine the right way!

Are you a casual drinker or an educated wine connoisseur? Do you have bottles and bottles of age-worthy wine – with lots of it stored away at home?!

Did you know storing a wine collection away from home can be the wisest decision for wine connoisseurs and casual enthusiasts alike to prolong the life (and flavor) of your favorite vino? Yes, that’s why many are now turning to climate controlled storage to store their wine!

Let us share some great tips to store your wine like a connoisseur!

1. Store in a dark, quiet environment

Yes, wine is best stored in dark rooms! Wine exposed to ultraviolet light from the sun, or even fluorescent bulbs, can damage its taste, colour and scent. In our Cube Self Storage indoor climate controlled storage unit, your wine is kept in the dark protecting it from the damaging effects of light.

2. Keep it cool — but not too cool.

The most important rule to wine storage! Temperature is everything to ensure the wine ages properly. If it’s too cold the cork may dry out and shrivel, causing air to enter the bottle and it it’s too hot it could create a tangy flavour. With our Cube climate controlled storage unit you can be ensured your wine is kept always at the optimum temperature.

3. Store corked wine bottles on their sides

Store bottles horizontally, don’t skimp on space! A wine stored in an upright position will cause the cork to dry and give your wine a musty odour. So, always remember to store your cork-sealed bottles on its side to keep the cork moist.

What are you waiting for? Secure your wine collection with us today in Cube’s climate controlled storage facility. Pop open that bottle and sip the night away knowing we’ll keep the rest of your collection safely secured under proper wine storing conditions so they don’t deteriorate!

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