What a year it’s been! The pandemic has forced many businesses pivot online to adapt. With the government implementing stricter lockdown measures to curb the spread of the virus and urging people to stay at home whenever possible to minimise contact, this has led to a change in the shopping behaviour of consumers. And while many businesses are going digital as a means of survival, the changing trend also presents an opportunity. With this digital shift likely to stick ‘post pandemic’ – it’s likely that businesses who invest and switch online now for the long term are likely to emerge as market leaders.

Here we discuss how self storage solutions can help you start your new online business, ease your digital transition and keep your business running smoothly.

More Space and Flexibility

The biggest challenge faced by many online business is having enough space to store their products, and if you’re just starting up – it’s highly likely that it’s going to be your bedroom floor. With self storage, entrepreneurs will have the flexibility of storage sizes to suit their needs at any given time.

Let’s say… you’re selling winter clothing, and require more space for your seasonal stock during the colder months – we can upsize your storage unit to better accommodate your requirements and downsize you again once the season’s over.

Lower Overheads

Keep costs low and margins high. Unlike large warehouses or commercial spaces, self storage facilities will not charge you business rates or high rental fees. You’ll only pay a fixed monthly (4 weekly) fee. Keeping overheads low against your planned monthly expenditures. Plus, it’s so much more cost effective than renting a retail space.

Added Security

Our storage units are modern, clean, bright and most importantly they are highly secure, so you can rest safe in the knowledge that your valuable business assets are safe. Our warehouse is equipped with 24 hour monitoring, fore alarms and smoke detectors. Your items could not be under safer care. We also offer specialist climate controlled storage for items such as wine, that require extra precaution when stored.

Want to know more about how self storage can benefit your online business? Drop us a message. Whether you need advice on what you can store or how much space you need, we are always on hand to help you find the best storage solution to suit your needs.