6 Tips to safely move your mirrors from point A to point B!

Are you planning a relocation? Do you have mirrors to move? Moving mirrors can be quite tricky as they are both, delicate and fragile. Even more so, if you’re planning to move that long and wide wall to wall mirror in your living room. Not only is it big and bulky but it can be pretty heavy as well! So, what is the best way to pack, move and store your mirrors safely when need be?

1. Invest in quality packing materials

First things first, you’ll need to get appropriate packing materials! To wrap a mirror properly for transit and storage, you will require bubble wrap, cardboard, packing tape, Styrofoam, corner protectors, customised cardboard boxes and marker pens.

2. Guard the frames with Corner Protectors

Next, cover the edges with corner protectors to avoid chipping and damage to the frames during transit. Corner protectors are perfect for right angle frames but if you have odd angle or curved edges, the trick is to tape bubble wrap around the edges!

3. Wrap the Mirror with Cardboard, Styrofoam and Bubble Wrap

Cover the mirror with a layer of cardboard and affix it with tape. This is to protect the glass mirror from scratches, grime and dust. For superior protection, cover it with a layer of Styrofoam and wrap them all together with bubble wrap. This will ensure your mirror is well padded.

4. Transport it in a custom size cardboard box

After packing, it’s now time for moving. Pack the wrapped mirrors into custom size cardboard boxes to ensure they don’t bounce around during transit. Ensure your mirror sits snugly in the box and stuff any excess space with bubble wrap or Styrofoam.

5. Label the Box Clearly with “Fragile”

Next, it’s time to grab your marker pen and write the word “FRAGILE” on each side of the cardboard box. This will let anyone transporting your mirror know that the item which they are moving is delicate and to handle it with utmost care.

6. Transport it upright during transit

In the removal’s lorry, keep the mirror in an upright position. Avoid placing it flat or to stack anything on top of it. The mirror will crack under all that weight! It’s best to keep it upright against the wall of the lorry with support from a couch to stop it from moving too much during transit.

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