Looking to store furniture long term? Here’s how to store it the RIGHT way.

Thinking of ways to store and protect your furniture when placing them in storage? The best way is to always opt for climate controlled storage.

Read on for some great tips to help keep your furniture in pristine condition whilst in storage!

  1. Choose climate controlled storage

We said it above and we are going to say it again – climate controlled storage is the way to go when storing for the long term! A climate controlled storage will keep your valuable furniture safe from moisture and changing temperatures. It is the best solution for storing wooden furniture such as musical instruments and antiques.

  1. Clean it before storing

The first step to prepping your items for storage, is to make sure your furniture is clean. Cut down on the chance of dust build up in your storage space and deter mould growth by wiping the furniture with a damp cloth and allow it to dry before storing.

  1. Take everything apart

Next, disassemble the furniture! This makes everything easier to move and pack but more importantly it reduces the risk of the furniture breaking and scratching. Place screws, bolts, and Allen keys into a small plastic or non-woven draw string bag alongside the dismantled furniture, so that you can easily reassemble it when you need it next.

  1. Wrap furniture for long-term storage

Lastly, make sure everything is completely covered by using old sheets, blankets or plastic wrap to cover the furniture. This will prevent dust and moisture from accumulating but remember, do not wrap furniture with thick plastic covers as this will seal in moisture and create condensation which will cause the furniture to swell!

If you would like to know more on how to store your furniture the right way, speak to our friendly storage specialists!

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