3 great ways to cut down business overhead costs and save more this year! 

It’s the beginning of a brand new year! Start the year right with a clutter free work environment. Unorganised working areas increases stress and lowers work productivity. In this article, we want to share with you three effective ways to declutter the office and we’ll even throw in a few pointers on how to cut down on overhead costs!

  1. Go Green, Go Paperless

Not only is this great for the environment, this is a sure way to keep the office clutter and costs low. Store important files and documents in compact discs, thumb drives, hard discs or on a cloud storage. This way, you can easily access the files whenever needed. We understand that it is not possible to completely go paperless just yet but this is a huge first step to save cost on paper, printing costs and ink. Did you know that printer ink is one of the most expensive liquids in the world and actually costs more than human blood?

  1. Get more office space at a lower cost!

The main cause of clutter is having too many things with nowhere to put them. Let your business grow without big commitments. A bigger space would mean bigger costs and bigger obligations. With business storage, your business won’t get tied down with long term contracts and high rental costs. Instead, you’ll enjoy flexible month to month payments at affordable rates. Giving you the opportunity to allocate your money to where your business needs it most!

  1. Get organised with Cube Self Storage

Stay on top of things with our business storage solution! With a Cube Business Self Storage unit, you can store and better organise all your business stock, documents and extra office furniture. At the same time, free up much needed space for your business to meet all your daily operational needs.

With so many great reasons to get storage for your business, renting Cube’s Business self storage seems like the wisest choice for business owners.

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