Top reasons why people use self storage

The high cost of housing in recent years has seen a boom in storage services like ours where people need places to store their possessions because space is at a premium.

In an article on the BBC website, people talked about using storage services for personal belongings they couldn’t otherwise fit in their homes such as record collections and clothing. Figures show that the use of self-storage sites has increased by 9 percent (2016-17). The Self Storage Association (SSA) UK reveals that almost a third of customers have been using their unit for more than three years and some quarter of users (27 percent) say they use storage because they don’t have enough room in their homes.

Changes in people’s circumstances can lead to the storage option. If someone gets divorced and downsizes for instance, then they might need self-storage to keep belongings if there is no room in their new flat or if someone is moving house or redecorating, they might need temporary accommodation for furniture and other big items.

Probate clearance

Another use might be when a relative passed away. If you want to sell the person’s home, then all the belongings will need to be cleared out. This can be difficult. Probate clearance is never easy because of the emotional attachment you might have to the goods in the home. But storage means you can keep them safe while the sale of the house goes ahead and make a decision on what to do with items later.

According to the SSA UK, the UK’s population is “one of the most squeezed in Europe” because the average household is 2.4 people and we have the smallest average property size. Obviously, it is cheaper to rent space through a self-storage company than a bigger property.

Self-storage is also an attractive option for small businesses. Again, business property isn’t cheap and it can be much more cost effective to store extra goods off premises.