Is now the best time to put your house on the market?

The BREXIT is officially here. After a long wait of three and a half years, the UK will finally leave the European Union (EU) on Friday, 31st January 2020, fulfilling the mandate established by the 2016 referendum vote.

Over the last three years, the UK economy and exchange rates have seen its fair share of ups and downs. So, what lies ahead for the property market after BREXIT?

  1. Asking Prices are Rising

In the wake of the landslide Tory general election victory last month, house prices have been trending upwards. With new data from Rightmove (UK’s No.1 Property Website) stating that house prices have increased by 2.3%, with an average asking price of £306,810! Additionally, about 65,000 homes came onto the market after the elections, increasing sales at 7.4%!

  1. Surge in Buyer Demand

According to data by The Sunday Times Home – 52% of postcodes in England and Wales have increased in buyer demand, compared to last year. The areas are Cambridge (80%), Bath (74%), York (65.5%) and Bristol (61%). All these cities had voted to remain in the EU.

Miles Shipside, director and housing-market analyst for the property portal Rightmove said the election results have provided a “window of stability” for potential movers after a period of instability – which had cause many to put a house move on hold. Miles added, that now would be a good time to sell for a Spring Move for those unaffected by BREXIT deadlines as the housing market has been steadier in recent years than any point for decades.

So, what are you waiting for?

The Sell, Rent, Buy Strategy

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