Self Storage, the New Norm for Brighton Businesses & Residents

Self Storage, the New Norm for Brighton Businesses & Residents

Celebrate life in Brighton with our 50% off self storage discount to Brighton residents

Brighton may in large part be famous for its seaside location and artistic culture but thanks to its thriving tourist industry, with around eight million tourists passing through every year, it is very much a thriving city for businesses as well as home for those who work in the area. At only 15 miles away from Uckfield, Cube Self Storage has been serving the customers in Brighton almost from the very start of its formation.

Brighton is excellent for living with the demand for housing intense, especially with the rapid growth rate of the city’s population. This has led to the inevitable situation where average house prices have become significantly higher than the national average in recent years. In fact one bed flats average £200,000 and three bed terraced houses £349,000. With this growing price, self storage in Brighton has been increasingly popular and Cube Self Storage continues to strive to provide a great service to residents of Brighton by providing collection services.

In addition to households using self storage, businesses in Brighton has also increased their interest in this service. According to the Business Register & Employment Survey [2009-13], the value of goods and services produced per capita increased by 3.75% compared to 2.5% nationally. We believe this significant difference is also thanks in part to the innovative and forward thinking of many Brighton businesses in how they manage their warehousing and storage needs through flexible and cost effective self storage solutions.

Cube’s i360 Promotion

Celebrating Brighton and its world's first vertical cable car and the world's tallest moving observation tower, Cube Self Storage is proud to offer a 50% off discount to any Brighton customer who mentions the promo code BRIGHTON360.

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