Peer behind the door of a self storage unit, and you’re likely to find a budding entrepreneur, busily building their business empire. From online retailers to SMEs, over a third of the self storage space in the UK is used by businesses in some capacity – that’s a whopping 150,000 business customers! (source: SSA Annual Report)

As a business owner, you know how expensive it is to pay rent for bigger offices, how much it costs to pay for shipping each time a product is ordered, and how waiting time impacts the number of sold items. A large number of businesses require a large back-stock of products and need flexible plans for units… and in a post-covid environment, businesses may look to shorten their supply chain and potentially carry larger stock levels.

Business storage is all about flexibility

Whether you need a small or large sized unit space, we have various sizes so you know you’re covered and you can move between unit sizes easily. If you’re at a loss to which size storage unit you may need, have a look at our self storage calculator:

What about security?

We know how important security is to you, and here at Cube Self Storage we take security seriously! We provide 24/7 CCTV, computer controlled access gates and a twin burglar alarm system connected to BT’s Redcare System. Find out more:

Storing Documents?

While many companies are using cloud storage and going digital when it comes to paperwork, there are documents that need to be kept in their original form… for decades! For example; tax returns, invoices, and receipts are required to be kept by companies for at least 7 years, which makes cloud storage impossible for most established businesses.

We know the importance of safely storing important documents and records and are experts in this field. Find out more:

Cube Self Storage
Cube has been a leader in the business of storage for the corporate world for a long time now – and our experience shows. Whether you are looking to store stock for your business, office furniture for a move, or just need that extra bit of business storage space, Cube Self Storage has a storage solution for you.

We provide professional business storage units that we let to commercial businesses. Our units are modern, clean, bright and most importantly they are also highly secure, so you can rest safe in the knowledge that your valuable business assets are safe.