Is Plastic the New Green for this Christmas?

Is Plastic the New Green for this Christmas?

Create less waste by getting a sustainable Christmas tree.

Sometime in November or early December, the elves from North Pole will come down to every city, town, and village, and sprinkle every corner with Christmas decorations. And everywhere you go you will hear Christmas songs — waking up the holiday spirit that has been hibernating deep within you for almost a year. Yes! It is the time of the year to celebrate joy, to reflect on and be grateful for all the things that had happened throughout the year. And that is a call for a Christmas party with your family and friends!

But before you plan your party and purchase your Christmas ornaments and tree, consider this: according to a study done by London Cleaning System, 6 million Christmas trees are discarded every year, and 250 tonnes of Christmas trees are thrown away after Christmas when they could be used for compost. Overall, UK creates 30% more waste than usual over the festive season. This definitely have a startling impact on the environment. Now, we don’t want to kill your jolly Christmas spirit, but the holiday season is also a season of generosity and giving, so let’s give back to the environment this year by being sustainable! Here are 3 things you should consider before purchasing your Christmas tree:

Which tree would give less negative impact to the environment?
We all can agree that a natural tree looks better and somewhat superior compared to an artificial tree, and it even smells better than the PVC smell of an artificial tree. However, in the spirit of creating a sustainable Christmas, ask yourself: which tree would give less negative impact to the environment?

Carbon Footprint
The easiest way to calculate your carbon footprint is to look at how far you have to travel to get the tree; distance is directly proportional to your vehicle’s CO₂ emission. So, if you have to travel over 5km to get a natural Christmas tree, you might want to consider getting an artificial Christmas tree instead. Besides, a natural Christmas tree will eventually die, and next year you will have to get a new one. And disposing your tree after Christmas will hinder UK’s targets for reducing landfill waste.

Recyclability of your chosen tree
Fortunately, both natural and artificial Christmas tree can be recycled and reuse, but a natural tree requires more work than an artificial tree. Here’s 3 ways to recycle and/or reuse your natural Christmas tree:

Stick the tree in the ground at your backyard or leave it in its stand outside. This makes an excellent, living bird feeder!
Cut off the branches and use the trunk to edge a garden, and use the cut-off branches as decorations throughout your home.
Pine needles dry quickly, but decompose slowly. Hence, they are perfect as moisture and mold-free mulch in your garden! But if you don’t have a garden you can always find a tree-recycling program and let them chop up your tree and use it as mulch for plants in community parks and gardens.

Or you can simply cut off the branches and tree trunk, clean them up, pack, and store them for your future DIY projects. At Cube Self Storage, we have installed a climate-controlled system in our storage rooms to ensure climate accuracy to 1 degree Celsius. This will definitely preserve and protect your woods. However, if you’re not keen on doing all this, an artificial Christmas tree is perfect for you. Simply store your artificial Christmas tree, along with all your Christmas decorations at Cube Self Storage. If your artificial tree and Christmas decorations are stored properly (which is our specialty), they can last for 20 years or more!

Whether you choose a natural Christmas tree or an artificial Christmas tree for this year’s Christmas be mindful about the amount of waste you’re creating and your carbon footprint; the lesser the better. And never worry about where and how to store your Christmas decorations, artificial Christmas tree, and every non-living thing that you want to keep for next year’s festive season, Cube Self Storage are always ready and happy to help you. Now, go ahead and start planning your sustainable Christmas!

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