More Space, Better Living

You can never have enough space, except now you can!

With Cube Self Storage, you can have as much secure space as you need with flexible month-to-month leases in modern & clean premises for your personal storage. We also offer free inspections so that we can help you to accurately select the unit size that precisely fit your storage needs, and to maximize the value of your money spent.

Pick-up / Delivery Service
We understand how busy and hectic freeing up the space at home can be. So, let us help you with transporting your belongings to and from your self storage unit by recommending a removal partner or arrange a collection for you upon request. With our carefully vetted transportation partners, you can enjoy peace of mind with your things as safe as though they were still in your home.

Packaging Materials for Sale!
Need packaging materials? We offer a wide range of packaging materials including boxes of various sizes, bubble wrap, sealing tape and much more to get you all packed up. It’s no problem if you don’t know what or how much you need, our storage specialists are happy to assist you by evaluating your personal requirements.