Want instant calm in your home? One of the best ways to create a peaceful environment is to de-clutter.

We’re right behind Marie Kondo on this one. Her Netflix programme—a somewhat unexpected hit—shows her going into people’s homes and helping them get rid of unnecessary clutter.

We hang onto our belongings way past their use-by date. From paperwork to unwanted gifts, clothing we’ve outgrown and uncomfortable shoes we never wear, our homes become the receptacle of rubbish, rather than a haven to relax in.

Tidying Up with Marie Kondo hones the cleaning expert’s favourite words—if you want to keep something it must spark joy. But there are other good reasons to de-clutter.

It makes cleaning easier

The fewer stuff you have, the easier it is to tidy up and your house will not be as dusty.

It saves time

Finding important items in an over-crowed space takes time and is frustrating. When you know exactly where your important paperwork is, you save precious time.

You surround yourself with things you love

Those unwanted gifts you do not throw away because they were presents? It is unlikely the giver will notice if you get rid of them. Donate them to a charity shop where they might spark joy for someone else.

You make way for the new

Clinging onto old belongings is often rooted in the past—and the person you were. By getting rid of your old stuff, you invite the new, now version of yourself to fully inhabit your space.

It improves your sleep

A clutter-free minimalist bedroom with no TV, phones or tablets oozes calm, making it easier to fall asleep. There is less to see, so the environment prepares your mind for closing down.

Want to ease the de-cluttering process? Self-storage provides a solution—you move out your unnecessary belongings but you do not throw them away. It’s perfect for items such as old books, furniture and crockery you’ve inherited and more. Check our storage solutions to find what will work for you.