How Cube Self Storage Preserves and Protects Fine Art

How Cube Self Storage Preserves and Protects Fine Art

We Care About Art as much as You Care

Fine art pieces are precious not only for their financial values, but most importantly for their historical and sentimental values, which is why it is important to preserve them for the future generations. When it comes to preserving artwork most art collectors, artists, art galleries and museums would rely upon a team of experts who really care about preserving artworks because humans, particularly the untrained and inexperienced handlers, pose the most dangerous threat to artworks, as they are often responsible for:

  • Breakages, tears, loose and missing elements, impacts, smudges;
  • Fingerprints etched into polished surfaces;
  • Stains and marks from skin contact, exposure to cosmetic and other domestic chemicals;
  • And the introduction of materials and conditions that encourage pests or other environmental damage such as food, other infested objects, poor storage materials, central heating, damp, and strong light.

Even if you are confident with your techniques, it is still the safest option to get help from a team of professionals to pack, transport, manage and store your art pieces.

At Cube Self Storage we are proud of our fine art services team. A team consisting of a combination of fine art experts, who are not only care about art, but also have many years of experience in handling art of all descriptions. Over the years, we have delivered bespoke fine art packing, transportation and management solutions for some of the world’s foremost museums, galleries, international corporations and private collectors including The Natural History Museum, Hastings Old Town Museum, The Worshipful Company of Leathersellers, and London PR Firm.

Here are three fundamental practices at Cube Self Storage that guarantee the preservation and protection of your fine art pieces.

1) A well-trained and experienced art services team whom you can trust.
At Cube Self Storage, we are very particular when it comes to selecting the members of our specialist art services team. We perform detailed background checks as well as specialist training to ensure that everyone is adept at handling your artworks.

2) Meticulous planning for packing, transportation and storage management.
Fine art pieces come in different sizes and ages, along with a wide variety and blend of materials and techniques used to make them. In paintings alone, one might come across traditional oil paints, canvas, resins, waxes, gold leaf and wood, together with the more unusual materials such as house paints, plastic, blood, and textiles. Hence, our expert fine art services team will examine and analyse each piece’s requirements to understand, and then develop plans to properly remove, pack, transport and store your artworks at our climate-controlled facility.
At Cube Self Storage, we only use breathable, non-toxic materials for our packaging, and our team will give appropriate recommendations should further protective materials or crating for the artwork be required. Before packing, the team will verify and record the integrity of your art pieces, and then create photo inventory for clear documentation and easy reference to the items stored with us. You don’t have to worry about the process of rotating your artworks from display to storage, and then back to display, we will manage the removal and installment of artworks on your behalf.

3) Highly secured, managed climate-controlled storage.
Cube Self Storage ensures that all of our climate-controlled storage facilities have cooling accuracy within 1 degree Celsius, and precisely maintained air integrity, attained by filtering air at atmospheric pressure. Our facilities are tested within a laboratory environment to assure optimum performance and we are certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2008. In addition, our team continuously monitors and maintains precise temperature and humidity levels in all of our climate-controlled storage facilities.
We understand the precious nature of fine art, which is why our managed climate-controlled facility is tailored specifically for storing and preserving your fine art pieces, as well as protecting them from all possible hazards and threats. At our fine art storage facility, which is located in Uckfield, Sussex, 24 hours digital CCTV is installed in all areas — both outside and inside the building. The facility is guarded with a safety perimeter security fence, equipped with computer-controlled site access gates. These gates are accessible only by personalised customer access code. In addition to the fire alarm, smoke detectors, and twin burglar alarm system that is connected to BT’s Redcare system, individual alarm are installed in each storage room and are monitored from our reception.

Cube Self Storage cares about the preservation and protection of your valuable art pieces and we want you to have a peace of mind when your artworks are under our management. This way, all you have to do is to immerse yourself in the bliss of art appreciation.

Want to learn more about Cube Self Storage’s fine art services? Contact us now and our storage concierge will be more than happy to assist you.

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