Yes, it really is a thing! On the 10th of March, declutter your home workspace and get organised.

A clean work desk increases productivity and reduces stress, helping you to focus, organise and process information better.

Here are our top tips on how to organise your home office;

  • Clear out unnecessary paperwork that has long piled up on your desk. Remember to shred documents with sensitive info.
  • Organise drawers with dividers. Don’t let your desk become a giant junk drawer: Group relevant items in colour coded dividers, so you can always find what you’re looking for with ease.
  • Give away duplicate office supplies (pens, rulers, memo pads) to colleagues who would find it useful. Hide supplies in pretty boxes.
  • Invest in a pin board. The perfect place for pinning ideas, inspiration and handy reminders.
  • Install a shelf. Installing a small, simple shelf over your desk can keep your work space orderly and attractive.
  • Lastly, organise your PC desktop files by breaking them down into dates, projects or importance.

Now, with your home office all cleared up and organised, why not move on to the next area of your home – the living room, bedroom, and more!

We can store all your extra furniture and belongings and help keep your home or office organised and cluttered free.

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