Get Your Kids to Clean Up Their Toys!

Alright, Mummies! Here comes the BIG question: How do we get the kids to pick up their toys after playtime? The trick is to start them young and to make putting toys away a fun activity!

A Cube Self Storage unit is perfect because you will have space to store your stock and equipment without the costly rental of a commercial space! At Cube Storage, we give you the flexibility to increase and decrease the size of your unit, so you’ll only pay for the space you need.

Here are 3 easy ways you can encourage your children to pick up their toys!

1. Sing “Put the Toys in A Bucket”

Make it like a game! Children love singing and having a fun time. So, make it fun! Music is also a great tool to help children understand the language better. This is because the music makes words and actions easier for toddlers to comprehend.

2. Get coloured storage boxes

Children love colours. Use coloured storage boxes to sort the different type of toys. For example, Barbie dolls goes into the Pink storage box, Legos goes into the Blue box and race cars into the Green box. This will also help children to identify colours better!

3. Be Consistent

The key here is consistency. Always stick to clean up after playtime and your kids will pick up this habit. In no time, your child will pick up after themselves without having to be told.

If you’re looking to make more space at home for your toddler to grow and move at home, we can help! Store some of your furniture and household items that you don’t use daily at our Cube Self Storage facility. This way, you’ll get the space you need to raise your child comfortably and keep the all stuff you still love!

Contact us today and keep your house neat and organised!