It’s back to work for many, but what can you do to ensure social distancing is adhered to in the office?

Undeniably Covid-19 will change our workplaces forever, with many companies and businesses now expected to allocate more space for each employee.

However, with the coronavirus outbreak creating new social distancing norms, offices will need to relook at how the new normal will impact workspace requirements and office layouts.

For now, there just isn’t enough time to expand or move into a bigger office space but there is another way… efficient planning and rearranging office layouts to make the most of your space!

Here are some easy, quick and effective approaches to consider implementing in your office today.

Practise Temporal Distancing
This means separating people in time by staggering teams to come into the office in groups and allowing them to work from home on the other days.

For example;
Group A: Monday, Thursday
Group B: Tuesday, Friday

This will help to reduce office compactness tremendously!

Practise Spatial distancing
This means separating people in distance by planning the best and effective use of office space. How? By simply rearranging the furniture in the office so individuals do not directly face each other and ensure that they are seated a minimum of 2 metres apart! Another effective way is by removing seats at communal tables and meeting rooms to provide additional breathing space and to eliminate any chance of employees accidentally bumping into one another.

Create clean desk policies
Yes, always maintain high standards of cleanliness in offices and business premises with thorough desk cleaning practices and stop germs from spreading. Our sister company, Edward Baden offers professional office equipment sanitising for businesses from only £11.95+VAT!

Do you need a place to store the extra chairs and comply with the new social distancing norms in the office? Look no further!

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Let’s work together to deal with these uncertain times and make the office a safe haven for all your employees to work in by creating a comfortable and conducive environment.

After all, we are all in this together!

Speak to our friendly storage specialists today.