Long term or short term storage? Let’s break it down!

Moving into a new place? Great news! A change of scenery, environment and a whole new neighbourhood to make new friends and build relationships! Are you looking for storage space to place some of your furniture and belongings during the transition? Can’t decide between long term or short term storage? Here, we discuss which option best suits your requirements.

Long Term Storage (6 Months or More)

Downsizing and moving to a smaller home? If, like many, the furniture from your current property just won’t fit into the new place – then long term storage is the solution for you. With long term storage you can store for extended periods of time and it’ll feel just like an extension to your home! Perhaps you’re planning to go abroad for work and rent out your home but feel uncomfortable about leaving your furniture at home? Why not place them into long term storage and rent your property out unfurnished? That way, you can generate some extra income while you are away!

Short Term Storage (0-6 Months)

Do you need to store items temporarily while you move into your new place? Short term storage is perfect for when you need some time to sort through. It’s often the case, that if you move all your boxes in one go, you may never get through to sorting them! With short term storage, you’ll get to move in slowly and be organised all at the same time. Are you in-between properties? Still looking for that perfect home but time’s running out? Going into rented accommodation for a short period of time? Why not place your belongings into short term storage before moving into your permanent accommodation.

Store with us at Cube Self Storage!

We offer both long term and short term storage with the best storage rental price in town to help you save on storage costs. Our Cube Self Storage facility is equipped with climate controlled storage units available in both large and small units so you can store safely with us knowing your furniture and belongings are protected from dust, heat and humidity. Contact us now for the best self storage prices!