New baby on the way? Get the home ready!

Have you just received the most amazing news?… is a baby on the way? How exciting! But there’s just so much to do to get everything ready, from the essentials (baby clothes, baby toiletries, baby furniture) to baby-proofing the home. Many new parents-to-be focus mainly on the essentials that they often forget of the latter which is equally as important!

Get your home ready to welcome a new baby with these 5 great tips to baby proof your home!

1. Staircases and steps
Do you live in a double storey home? Prevent your baby from tumbling down the stairs by installing baby gates at both the top and the bottom of the staircase. That way your child won’t be able to get up or fall down!

2. Hazards at home
One of the most common baby injuries are things falling on them. Always secure your furniture to prevent tip over hazards! Secure or anchor your furniture to the wall with screws. Another tip is to place heavier objects at the bottom drawers of the cupboard.

3. The Kitchen
Worktops are high but never underestimate your little one when they start crawling and climbing everywhere! Place pans on the backburners, with handles pointing toward the back of the stove and install knob covers on your cooktop knobs so your toddler can’t turn them on!

4. Create Baby Safe Areas
Create safe play areas in your home for your baby to play, waddle and crawl about. Ensure the area is properly gated and safe away from electrical cords, small choking hazards (LEGO, batteries and coins!) and no sharp furniture edges!

5. Consider A Cube Self Storage Unit
Clear out some space to accommodate the baby. Store away your breakables and belongings that aren’t “baby friendly” in our Cube Self Storage units. Our climate controlled storage is perfect to keep family photographs, memorabilia, trophies and more in pristine condition.

With a Cube Self Storage unit, that also means more space to stock up on baby products! Purchase diapers, baby wipes, baby shampoo in bulk and save more.

What are you waiting for?

Book a Cube Self Storage unit today and get everything ready to welcome your new bundle of joy!

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