Despite the pandemic, the self storage sector remains resilient and adaptive.

There’s been much room for growth and demand for self storage has never been higher! According to the Self Storage Association United Kingdom (SSAUK) in Q3 2020, the self storage industry has increased occupancy by 2.9 points year-on-year to 79.2%, with an increase as well in the return per square foot on storage space by over 1.5% to £23.46.

The top three reasons people are now turning to self storage during and post-pandemic include;


Being cooped up at home for long periods especially during the lockdown has seen more people decluttering to make more space for the family.


A playroom for the children or a study for your new work from home arrangement, perhaps?


Many people have experienced some changes over the past year, such as being furloughed, having to take pay cuts or being made redundant – with the need to cut down on expenses. Whatever the reason, self storage has proven to be a ready, and cost effective, go-to solution. 

Businesses are now also turning to self storage during the pandemic as they downsize to cut down on expensive office leases and adopt remote working policies by moving their office furniture, documents and stock into our business storage and signing them up for co-working at our Cube Co-Working facility!

Our co-working facilities come fully equipped for any business or individuals to run their day-to-day business operations without disruptions. Co-working offers the flexibility of modern shared office facilities fitted with high speed internet, hot desks, meeting rooms, breakout areas, kitchen utilities and outside space. Plus, free parking!

With both our Cube Self Storage, Cube RMS and Cube Co-Working facilities in one single location, you’ll have convenient access to your important documents or business stock anytime you need them.

Speak to us today about our temporary or long term storage solutions!