Living in a small home can be challenging as it is – add a baby into the equation, even those who believed they had their space under control may find themselves completely unprepared. While babies don’t take up that much space, their stuff certainly does. Keep reading for the most practical ways to get your house ready and smartly create extra storage space. 


1. Keep the most used toys, clothes and baby gear on the easiest-to-reach shelves

It’s quite natural to accumulate adorable baby outfits, toys and equipment since babies can grow up so fast. However, keep only the most used within reach and stow the rest out of the way in your wardrobes, under-bed boxes, or high shelves over doorways to prevent cluttering. 


2. Vertical storage space with ceiling-mounted curtains

Floor-to-ceiling shelving is a smart and practical way to add extra storage space to your small home. It can hold tons of stuff, and it’s extremely convenient to put things away. Nevertheless, organising everything so that it looks nicely on the shelving can feel like a hassle. That’s why full-length curtains in front of the shelving works brilliantly to keep the messy storage space out of sight.


3. Essentials only

To make sure everything fits nicely in your small home, declutter before going on a shopping spree. Think twice about how often you’re going to use it, and where it will sit in your house. Instead of buying equipment and furniture that only serves one function, investing in multi-purpose gears. 

Communicate kindly but firmly with your friends and family members about your living situation and the need to avoid large gifts and items that aren’t included in your registry. If the gift is too big to fit in your small home, pass it along to someone who will appreciate it. 


4. Hooks and floating shelves

A quality and properly installed floating shelf can support up to 40-50 pounds of books or items per attachment point. You can install them on an empty wall, or basically any nooks and crannies to create as much extra storage space as possible. 

Install lots of hooks to hang toys and things like clothing, baby supplies and laundry bags. You can even hang up gear such as a baby walker or folding stroller. 


While living in a small space with your baby can be a challenge, trust yourself to know what you and your baby really need, and allow yourself to get rid of the items that are only there to clutter up your home. 

If you have items, clothes or belongings with sentimental values that you can’t find it in your heart to get rid of, Cube Self Storage is what you need. We act as a safe, affordable and convenient storage space for all your items, making sure that they will always be there to relive memorable moments or to pass on to the next generation. 

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