Spring is here – we think the weather finally got the memo – and there’s nothing like this time of year to make you think about cleaning as the sun streams in windows highlighting what needs doing.

Yes, the good ol’ spring clean is something we’re familiar with here at Cube Self Storage. It’s such a great way to get around to finally clearing out the clutter and putting in place organised
living arrangements.

What are the benefits of spring cleaning?

It can help with allergies

If you find yourself snuffling and sneezing come springtime, it might not be 100 percent down to pollen. Dust and pet dander often trigger allergies so getting rid of clutter, vacuuming floors, polishing surfaces and others will really help.

It can free up space

It’s obvious, but hanging on to too many belongings will make spaces cluttered. And time spent searching for important paperwork or other things you need is much easier when you have less stuff to wade through.

It can help you move on

We hang onto a lot of stuff for sentimental reasons but sometimes that means we can’t move on from a relationship that’s ended or even from grief. If you can’t bring yourself to get rid of sentimental items, why not consider storage to free up room in your house?

It can add low-level activity to your day

We all know about the benefits of exercise, but a good spring clean incorporates lots of low-level activity, and can seriously cut into those sedentary hours. From polishing tables to cleaning windows, packing up bags of old clothes to take to the charity shop and going up and down stairs to tidy stuff away, housework can help boost your activity minutes.

It can prevent injuries

Again too much clutter—especially in homes lived in by older people or very small children—can be dangerous, creating trip hazards or too many things to bump into. Clear it all away and improve the safety of your home environment.