Stash it till you can cash it with Cube

Stash it till you can cash it with Cube

Think twice before throwing it out – you could be sitting on a gold mine!

The winter months getting colder than usual? If only you hadn't discarded your old gas heater along with the rest of your record collection in your bid to free up more space.

Sentimental or otherwise, sometimes storing away your belongings does have its perks - just because you don’t have a need for it today doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t have a use for it tomorrow. Besides, didn't you know that retro is making a comeback?

Got a 1966 vinyl of the The Beatles - Yesterday and Today kicking around or even Seattle grunge band Nirvana's 1992 Bleach Re-release vinyl from your teenage angst years? That's worth a cool £11,917 and a rather respectable £1,168 of pocket change so you could very well be sitting on a gold mine if you happen to have those in your collection!

While most audiophiles can’t put a finger on it, most seem to agree that vinyl sounds best. Even Yamaha Corporation, the world's largest piano and musical instruments manufacturer, thought the vinyl sounded so good that they decided to put their development Yen into an all-in-one WiFi turntable for 2018.

Speaking of sounding good, even your Dad’s awkward-looking electrostatic speakers you've got sitting around in the attic seems to be making a comeback with many audiophiles electing to have them professionally restored.

So, while it may still cost you money to rent a storage facility, keeping your belonging in a climate-controlled storage facility like ours ensures that your property is kept in pristine condition - not too cold, not too hot and not too humid either - and accurate right down to the degree Celsius, just like how Goldilocks likes it!

Speaking of which, Cube Self Storage also employs round-the-clock security inside and outside the building so you can rest easy your gold mine is safe should you want to cash in on it someday!

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