Don’t give up on achieving your New Year’s Resolution, just yet! 

How’s your New Year going? More importantly, your New Year’s resolutions! About 80% of people all around the world break their resolutions in just the first 6 weeks but that won’t be you! Here we share with you the top 3 most common New Year’s Resolution and how we can help you achieve them.

  1. Get Fit and In Shape

Probably, on top of everyone’s wish list every year is to be fit and healthy. We understand that going to the local gym can be a bother! Why not bring the gym home? Do you have a room or basement that you use just to store things? Store those things with us and turn that space into a great personal gym. The excuse of the gym being too far won’t work now!


  1. A Neat and Tidy Home

Next, everyone dreams of a clean and well organised home. After January 1st, has come and passed the urge to clean and get organised dissipates. Don’t lose hope just yet! The key problem to getting stuff organised is too much stuff and too little space. Move some of your less utilised furniture and belongings into storage with us, you can always retrieve them whenever you need.


  1. Live your Life

Have you always dreamt of travelling the world and exploring new cultures? Don’t stop dreaming now and make it happen! Sign up for that study course abroad or accept your company’s offer for a transfer to a branch overseas. Don’t worry about your belongings, we will keep them safe till you come back in our 24/7 secure climate controlled storage facility. Our facility is equipped with CCTV monitoring, strict access control and perimeter fencing!

What are you waiting for? Book a storage unit with us today and stick to your New Year’s Resolutions.

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