Ever wondered why self storage prices vary? Here’s why!

Are you on the lookout for a storage unit to complement your lifestyle? Have you been comparing prices of various self storage providers near you and noticed the vast price difference that each self storage provider is offering?

Wondering why the prices differ so much? Here are some reasons why!

1. Location

The closer the storage location is to the city the pricier the charges will be. A self storage in London is going to cost more than one in the outskirts of London. If you won’t be accessing your belongings regularly, then we recommend a storage location further out as it will be cheaper saving you on monthly charges!

2. Storage Unit Type

There are many kinds of storage units to choose from ranging from drive ups to indoor storage equipped with climate controlled storage. Depending of which type you choose, prices are bound to vary. Whenever possible opt for climate controlled storage, it offers safe protection for all your stored belongings by protecting them from the effects of peeling and destruction caused by humidity and heat!

3. Amenities

Choose a self storage facility that is equipped with good safety measures such as CCTV, access control and insurance coverage. This will put your mind at ease of damage and theft. If you need to access your belongings regularly, choose a self storage with convenient access hours to suit your needs and are also open on weekends. Extended operation hours will require more working hours and will increase the cost of storage rental.

4. Duration

Another factor to consider affecting storage rental is the storage period. Prices may vary depending on how long you wish to store for. A longer storage period will come with further discounts and promotions. Be sure to check out for promotions before storing!

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