Grow your business with Cube Business Storage

It’s time to expand and grow your business! … The first thing you need to consider when expanding is SPACE! Moving to a bigger office space is going to be costly, time consuming and will take meticulous planning. Why not consider an alternative? A Cube Business Storage unit can be just the answer! The benefits of storing with us: 1.

1. A Hassle Free Expansion

Instead of moving, free up space at the workplace by moving some of your business assets and stock into a Cube Business Storage unit. With more space to move freely at the office, your business will be oozing with productivity! Plus, with not having to move to a new office building there will be no business operation downtime and no need to spend money on movers.

2. Safe and Secure Facility

Cut down on hiring safety guards at the office to safeguard all your precious business assets, documents and stock as our storage facility is equipped with 24/7 CCTV monitoring and strict access control.

3. Freedom and Flexibility

With rental leases for offices and buildings, you will be tied down with never ending clauses but with a Cube Business storage unit you are free to decide how long you want to store with us. No more long contracts and you can upgrade or downsize anytime you need.

4. Save on the Pounds (£)

Here at Cube we believe in flexibility. That means you pay only for the space you need. With Cube’s Price Guarantee, we promise you get the best self storage rates in town! Store with us and start saving on those overhead costs.

Focus on expanding your business and leave the storing to us, storage specialists!

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