The secret space in the house you didn’t think of!

You could have more space than you think at home! Where? In the attic, of course! The attic could be just the space you need to store your extra furnishings.

But wait! Before you start moving your things up those tiny ladders, have you considered Cube Self Storage? The alternative solution for your storage needs!

Attic Storage VS. Cube Self Storage

1. Space & Weather

All that unused space in the attic is great to utilise but do keep a lookout for roof leaks. A simple roof leak can damage your stored items. Also, make sure the flooring of the attic is strong enough to take the weight of your items. An attic may get really hot in the summer and really chilly in winter. This can damage your items. So, why not store your items at the ideal temperature at our Cube Climate Controlled Storage! We will keep your items safe from heat, cold, dust, mould or humidity effectively preventing premature aging and heat-related malfunctions.

2. Security & Protection

Yes, storing in your attic means they are within arm’s reach but are they safe? There’s always a possibility of a break-in by opporuntists. With Cube Self Storage, you can be assured your belongings are kept safe and secure, under 24 hours CCTV surveillance and with strict access control. We have also installed twin burglar alarm system connected to BT’s Redcare system! Plus, all goods stored with us are insured against damages by leakage, rats and fire. At Cube Self Storage, we’ve got you covered!

3. Convenience & Accessibility

Carrying boxes up those narrow flight of stairs can be a hassle and may be harmful to your back. With Cube Self Storage, we keep the storage process smooth, convenient and easy! From the get go, we will help you to determine the best storage unit size for your needs, arrange for movers if necessary and assist you every step of the way! We offer a wide range of storage unit sizes, climate controlled storage, drive up units and containers. Trust us, to find the best storage space to suit you.

There are certain household items that need special care and climate conditions which are not suited to be stored in the attic such as family pictures, wooden furniture, important documents, leather apparels, clothing, books and musical instruments. Storing them in attic conditions can cause irreparable damage to these items. So, where’s the best place to store them all? These items are best stored in our climate controlled investment grade storage facility.

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