What kind of business can you run from a storage unit?

Are you thinking of running your own business but are you worried about the costs involved? Now you can put your entrepreneurial dreams into action with a self storage unit at our Cube storage facility!

A Cube Self Storage unit is perfect because you will have space to store your stock and equipment without the costly rental of a commercial space! At Cube Storage, we give you the flexibility to increase and decrease the size of your unit, so you’ll only pay for the space you need.

What are the Top 3 Businesses you can run from a storage unit?

1. Online Sellers

Start the online business you’ve always dreamt of and start selling NOW! Store your stock (clothingapparels, handphone accessories, electronic gadgets and more with us). We will keep them safe under our care… as long as they are not prohibited items of course!

2. Handy repair man

It doesn’t matter what kind of repair work you do. We always have the space you need to store your tools. Keeping them close to hand. Sleep well knowing your investments are safely secured with 24/7 CCTV, access control and security!

3. Event organiser

Organising events can be hectic! With the amount of items you need to plan an event, you will need a secure place to store them all. A Cube self storage unit can help you save time and stay organised – knowing that all your event items and furniture are in one secure location and always within reach.

Kickstart your entrepreneurial dream today with a Cube Self Storage Unit!

For any inquiries, please contact our friendly self storage experts.