Have you ever wondered what lies behind our Cube Self Storage doors? Wonder no more!

Here’s a little insight into some of the most popular items people put into self storage… and you’ll be surprised.

From the ordinary to the not so ordinary.

  • Furniture

Household furnishings such as sofas, tables, stools, beds, mattresses and cupboards are the most common items brought in by our customers. We are the perfect place to store them when you’re busy conducting home renovations, moving home, downsizing or simply just need more space!

With our flexible and affordable storage plans you can choose to store with us for however long you require. If you wish to store your furniture longer with us, just let us know – and we’ll give you an even better long term storage rate!

We also have business customers who store their office furnishings with us.

  • Commercial Goods

Besides storing furniture, small business owners and online retailers also love storing their commercial goods with us!

Our self storage units are equipped with 24/7 CCTV monitoring with strict access control and the convenience of accessing goods at any time of the day and night. Store with peace of mind, knowing we’ll keep your inventory safe.

With a self storage unit, online retailers can now cut down on renting warehouses or extra office space and maximise on profit. A popular favourite of retail goods stored with us are apparels, electronic gadgets and beauty products.

  • Books

Books can be extremely valuable especially first additions and can hold sentimental value to the reader. With books piling up over the years, bookcases at home can get a little too cluttered and if not stored right, books can get damaged beyond repair! With our climate controlled storage we are able to store book collections safely away from silverfish and mould. A collection is never complete with one book absent. Safeguard your wide collection of books with us today.

  • Seasonal Items

One of our busiest times of the year is during the Christmas season, as our existing customers head in and out to pick up their seasonal décor and winter clothing! Our customers value their space at home and big trees and furry winter coats can take up a lot of closet space so they choose to store them with us.

Over the years, we’ve seen many more customers getting a storage unit to complement their lifestyle and to store their festive decorations with us. Halloween decorations are getting quite common too!

  • Collectables

Are you a collector? We all collect something one way or another, often without even realising it until there’s no space left. Our storage customers often store their collectables with us to free up some space at home. We’ve seen antiques, fine art pieces, doll collections, photo albums, stamp collections, figurines, CD albums and family keepsakes (Mum’s wedding dress, family trinkets, etc…)

We’ve worked with museums too! We’ve helped our museum customers store unique and fascinating collections, such as delicate, irregularly-shaped and heavy animal skulls with horns and antlers… and that’s only just some of the bizarre things we’ve stored!


These items are not the only items you can store with us! We welcome storage of almost anything and will always go above and beyond for our customers and do our very best to accommodate.

Speak to our friendly team of storage experts today about our safe & trusted personal and business storage solutions.