It’s time to live your life – the way you want, how you want it!

Is it that time already – the retirement age? Are you and your partner planning a retirement soon and looking at downsizing? We understand that this can be an exciting time for the both of you but also an emotional and sometimes stressful time at the thought of moving out of the family home, but… it could also give you opportunity to do all those things you’ve always dreamt of!

Don’t know where to start?

1. Understand your goal for downsizing

One of the main reasons for downsizing by many is to gain financial freedom. By downsizing, you will get to reduce on monthly bills and expenses (i.e. gardeners, swimming pool maintenance and lower energy bills) and maybe perhaps move closer to the children!

2. Is it the right time?

Timing is everything! Be sure to keep an eye on house prices, you’ll want to get the most profit from selling your home. With Brexit looming and not knowing what to expect, it’s best to do a quick research on the market and sell it when you think the time is right!

3. Find your next home (Rent or Buy?)

Decide where are you planning to move to? Out of town, closer to healthcare amenities or perhaps somewhere closer to the children and their families? Plus, with aging knees, maybe it’s time to consider a single storey house/bungalow or would a flat be more economical? Take your time to find a home that best suits your requirements.

4. Get a feel of the new neighbourhood

Before you make the decision, visit the location and get a feel of the place, after all this is going to be your new life routine! Can you visualise yourself going to the market, a leisurely stroll in the park or sitting on the deck enjoying the sunset with a pot of tea?

5. Trim down on your belongings

By downsizing that means most of your belongings will not be able to fit into your new home. Declutter by donating some of the furnishings you no longer use or need. Those in need would be so happy to have them! As for items you use on a daily basis, take them along to your new home.

6. The things you hold close to heart

Can’t part ways with some items that hold strong memories? Store the sentimental items with us at our Cube Self Storage facility. At our climate controlled storage facility, we’ll keep your belongings and furniture completely secure. Safe in the thought that your treasured memories are within arm’s reach.

After you’ve gotten all that of the way, it’s time to look forward to retirement. That means morefamily time. Spend time with your grandkids and watch them grow up and take that step towards the long vacation you’ve always dreamt of, the Caribbean Island, the Savannah dessert or the Amazon jungle and when you’re back, partake in community activities or give back to the community! Volunteer at the local soup kitchen, organise a bake sale for the charity you support or help foster and rehome dogs and cats in your neighbourhood.

Sounds like a plan, right?
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