Keep the surprise and hide the presents from the kids!

Continue the family tradition and safely tuck away the Christmas presents until Christmas Eve. Don’t let the magic of Christmas and the surprise of opening presents on Christmas Day be ruined! We understand that this can be hard to do, that’s why we’ve come up with the perfect hideaway for all your gifts!

  • A Cube Self Storage Unit!

Here are four reasons why this is such a great idea:

  1. The kids will never find them!

Waiting for the children to sleep so you can wrap up the presents? With a Cube Self Storage unit, you can wrap them up here and store them away till Christmas Eve comes. It’s the safest place away from prying eyes!


  1. Secure Storage

Expensive and valuable gifts? We will keep your gifts well secured in our 24/7 CCTV monitored facility with strict access admittance. Our facility is also secured with perimeter fencing! Plus, anything stored with us will be insured!


  1. Climate Controlled Storage

It’s cold and wet, it’s wintertime! Humidity combined with cold weather creates moisture causing mould and mildew to grow especially on humidity sensitive objects such as wooden toys and soft toys (Teddy Bears!). The dampness can also cause electronic toys to corrode and rust over time.


  1. Flexible Storage Period and Sizes

With us, you can store for however long you need and upgrade to any size anytime! We offer a wide range of storage unit sizes for you to choose from. After Christmas, get a bigger one for day to day storage and get the space you need to live comfortably at home throughout the year.

What are you waiting for? Book the perfect hideaway for all your Christmas presents today!

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