As we slowly emerge from the grips of the coronavirus pandemic, global trends show that the self storage industry is growing!

This is supported by the fact that the self storage industry often serves as a solution for lifestyle and business changes and getting through transitional events.

Let’s take a look at some of the common factors driving the industry during the pandemic;

  • Businesses Downsizing 

Businesses are looking for ways to cut costs and stay afloat. This will likely result in many downsizing to smaller office spaces over the next year or so, and short term business storage is a great option, especially if you’re moving into smaller office space and not quite sure what you’ll need (or what will fit). Many will need to restructure their operations to keep their doors open.

  • Growing Households

With families staying home to flatten the curve, especially during lockdown – many are now trying to make the most out of the space they have to create a more comfortable home environment. Decluttering and reorganising! For bigger families, space can be hard to come by, but by utilising self storage, they can create all the extra space they need to comfortably accommodate everyone at home.

  • Major Life Transitions

Like it or not, divorce rates are increasing as many couples are forced to stay home for prolonged periods. The combination of unemployment, financial problems and homeschooling has proven to be putting significant strain on relationships. With many seeking divorce, moving out or relocating. Self storage has seen a huge increase in enquiries for this reason, as people navigate through difficult life changes. 

We will do our very best to help you get through this period with temporary or long term self storage solutions to best suit your changing requirements. Contact one of our team today: