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Are you thinking of renting a climate controlled storage unit? We answer all your questions here;

  1. What is Climate Controlled Storage?

Climate controlled storage are just like regular storage units but with an added handy feature – temperature control! We have invested in our DENCO Unit to precisely monitor and control humidity and temperature at our climate controlled investment grade storage facility effectively preventing premature aging and heat-related malfunctions of belongings!

  1. How accurate is your climate control?

Our Storage Manager checks the Denco unit on a daily basis and the readings are logged onto a spreadsheet. The logs can be easily made available for our customers via our online portal.

  1. What are the benefits of Climate Controlled Storage?

It helps to keep your belongings from warping, fading, or damaging from fluctuating temperatures. This makes our facility the ideal place for storing all your precious items which are sensitive to heat, cold, dust, mould or humidity. Additionally, because your belongings are stored indoors, renting a climate controlled unit helps deter pests and dust accumulation.

  1. What should be stored in Climate Controlled storage?

There are just so many items that can benefit from climate controlled storage. Amongst some of the best items to store are:

  • Paintings and art collections

Art is best stored in a dry environment without sudden temperature changes. Extreme temperatures can cause the canvas to shrink. Whilst, humid environments can lead to mould and mildew growth.

  • Leather furniture

Leather is extremely sensitive to temperature changes. Hot and humid temperatures will cause leather to shrink and warp.

  • Wood furniture and antique items

Wood products will contract in cold weather and in hot temperature dilate damaging your furniture and belongings beyond repair. Wood also absorbs moisture which can lead to mould growth.

  1. Are my items insured when they are stored?

Yes. We highly recommend storage insurance to all our customers. We’ll be happy to arrange for insurance coverage for you or if you have your own insurance coverage simply provide us a copy of your insurance plan.

  1. Can you manage my storage for me?

Yes, our experts will manage all aspects of your storage including transport, packaging, storage and inventory services as you require.

  1. How secure is your warehouse?

Our secure storage facilities include:

  • 24-hour digital monitored and recorded CCTV covering all areas, including all access/egress points
  • Remote access control entrance gate and key pad access to all storage areas
  • Stand-alone premises and perimeter fencing
  • Smoke detection to BS5839 within offices and storage areas linked to 24hr monitoring station
  • Redcare linked intruder and fire alarms to offices and all storage areas all linked to monitoring station

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