Prohibited Storage Items

For a safe and comfortable storage experience

To ensure that all customers have a safe and comfortable self-storage experience at our storage facility, you are not permitted to bring or store the following items in the storage units:

  • Illegal Substances
    Example: Contraband drugs, prescription drugs
  • Food products / Perishables
    Example: Fruits, seafood, meat, dairy products
  • Living Organisms
    Example: Pets, plants
  • Flammable Liquids
    Example: Lighter fluid, petrol, diesel, kerosene, motor oil, paint
  • Toxic Substances
    Example: Agricultural chemicals, pesticides
  • Explosives
    Example: Ammunition, fireworks
  • Gases
    Example: Diving tanks, camping gas, butane gas, aerosol spray paint
  • Corrosive Agents
    Example: Acids, alkaline, including lead-acid batteries, mercury
  • Dangerous Goods
    Example: Hazardous materials
  • Oxidising Substances
    Example: oxygen generator, peroxides, bleaching agent
  • Funeral / Burial Items
    Example: Coffins, urns, cremated ashes
  • Immoral material
    Example: Any material deemed immoral by the authorities
Got something you would like to store but aren’t sure if you can store them at Cube? Speak to us!