Student Self Storage

Student Self Storage

Enjoy your Freedom!

Cube Self Storage offers flexible and convenient options for different student storage needs. Whether you are looking for storage just for the summer or a long term storage facility to keep what you can’t fit into your accommodation, we have something for you.

Attractive storage rates without long term commitment

It doesn’t matter if you are just going away for the summer, an exchange program or taking a year out, our storage solutions fit your needs. We do month-to-month billing at attractive student rates so you can store as long as you need to without long term commitment or fear of hidden charges.

Convenient storage with 24/7 round the clock access

It may be that your new place doesn’t allow you to store as much as your previous accommodation, if that’s the case then using our self storage facility gives you convenient access whenever you may need to get something out of storage or drop off more stuff. Treat it as an extension of your accommodation where you can come and go as you like. We can also arrange a collection service upon request.

Packaging materials for sale!

We offer a range of packaging materials including boxes of various sizes, bubble wrap, sealing tape and more to get you all packed up. There’s no problem if you don’t know what or how much you need, our storage specialists are happy to assist you.

To find out more about our range of home storage solutions, please call a member of the Cube Storage team on 0800 027 2668 or click here to contact us.